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Why Work With Us

The Cosca Group is experienced, proven, and authentic. Having a proven track record for over twenty years, we are confident that we will achieve your district’s goals and meet your community’s expectations. 

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Our Service

  • We are known for delivering strong, reliable communication throughout the process.
  • We are widely recognized for our personal attention to all phases of the process.
  • We will not recruit your  new superintendent for our other searches
  • We will customize our search process to fit your district’s needs.
  • Our extensive network of partners in the state and national level offers incomparable access to qualified candidate

Our Commitment

  • We guarantee a comprehensive disclosure of all applicants.
  • Your district’s search will be the sole assignment of your search team.
  • Your district’s search team will be committed to remaining intact throughout the process.
  • Our search will be focused on finding candidates that meet your district’s needs, not placing favorites from our own candidate pool.
  • Our superintendent placement longevity for five years is over 92%

Our Value

  • We will guarantee your new superintendent placement for two years.
  • Our fee is competitive and all-inclusive.
  • We offer an online bi-lingual survey to augment the stakeholder input collected in the extensive personal meetings with stakeholders.
  • We will support the new superintendent for one year of mentoring at no extra cost. 
  • We include comprehensive background checks by an experienced private investigator.
  • We include a guided workshop with you and your new superintendent to coalesce your new governance team.

Our Guarantee

We will provide continuous communication, frequent updates, 

and access to one or more consultants 

throughout the process.


We will provide multiple, well-publicized, and convenient 

opportunities for stakeholder input.


We will guide the Board in every phase and

facilitate discussions regarding every 

key decision in the search.


We will recommend multiple candidates 

that meet the Board’s criteria.


We will conduct thorough background research on all finalists 

and reference checks for every candidate interviewed.


We will recommend candidates, but the Board will 

determine which candidates to interview 

and who will be its new superintendent.