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The Cosca Group is experienced, proven, and authentic. Having a proven track record for over twenty years, we are confident that we will achieve your district’s goals and meet your community’s expectations. 

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Board Effectiveness

A process designed to reveal the key elements to good boardmanship, and to identify the major stumbling blocks. A completed questionnaire will answer the question, “Do we have an effective Board?”

Superintendent Evaluation

A process designed to assist Boards and Superintendents in developing and implementing a plan and procedures for the annual goal setting and evaluation of the Superintendent.

Superintendent’s Contract

A process designed to assist Boards in the development of performance-based contracts for the superintendent and cabinet level positions that will provide long-term essential service to the district.

Leadership Training and Mentoring

A process designed to teach and mentor existing superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals and other middle management/leadership positions.