Our Process


The selection of a superintendent to lead your district is one of the most important decisions you will make as a Board of Education. The right choice is pivotal to your success. The best indicator of future success is past success. Our record is your assurance that our service will be organized to center on your unique needs and comprehensive to maximize our effectiveness, We are confident that we can deliver the quality expertise and support essential to achieving your district’s goals and meeting your community’s needs and expectations. 

The Foundation


Involving stakeholders in our effort to identify and understand the unique needs of a district is an essential element of our search process. It enables us to clearly understand your community’s needs and demands and help develop student, parent, staff and community support for you and your new superintendent. We will work with you to identify all major groups and key contacts and craft an approach that is both thorough and inclusive.   

Our standard practice is a three-step input collection process, usually augmented by an online survey.

Step 1

We will meet with you to identify the district’s strengths and needs/critical issues and the key groups and individuals among your students, parents, teachers, administrators and other staff, and community members, including non-English-proficient constituents, that should be included in our process. We will also seek your recommendations for optimal strategies for reaching all representative communities within your district and community.  

Step 2

We will meet with the identified groups and individuals to collect input (English and Spanish if appropriate) regarding the district’s strengths and needs/critical issues. Concurrently an online survey will be well publicized and made conveniently available to stakeholders. When we have finished collecting information, we will prepare a report for you that will include an objective summary as well as a complete record of the feedback generated in group and individual meetings and collected by the survey(s). 

Step 3

We will meet with you to review and analyze the information.  Based on our report, we will ask you to assess, modify and prioritize your district’s strengths, needs/critical issues, and the key characteristics, skills and experience desired in your new superintendent. Using your conclusions, we will craft a profile and criteria for an electronic brochure which will then be presented to you for final approval and used in our marketing campaign. 

The TCG Executive Search Process