Our Core Values


Our Goal

We are unequivocally invested in developing services centered on your distinct needs and delivering everything that we promise. 


Our Approach

 We involve district leadership in every phase and every key decision and provide continuous communication, frequent updates, and convenient access to consultants throughout the process. 


Our Belief

We believe that education is a cooperative effort of family, school, and community, and that all children deserve the opportunity for success in school.  

Who We Are


The Cosca Group was founded by Dr. Frank Cosca in 2000. Today it is comprised of more than 30 partners and associate partners representing all geographical regions of California. We bring experience in districts ranging from 1,500 to 57,000 students; urban, suburban and rural communities; and the full range of socioeconomic school populations. Our members offer sound operational knowledge and specialty backgrounds in all areas of school district administration, and we specialize in board/superintendent relations and school district governance. We are particularly proud that we have built lasting, meaningful relationships with the superintendents and districts we have served.