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The Cosca Group is experienced, proven, and authentic. Having a proven track record for over twenty years, we are confident that we will achieve your district’s goals and meet your community’s expectations. 

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Executive Searches

The Cosca Group is known for our record of very successful executive searches, especially
superintendent searches. We have conducted close to 80 superintendent searches since 2000. TCG is
recognized for providing outstanding service to school districts, knowing that finding the right
superintendent is the most important task facing a Board of Education. The TCG search process is
comprehensive, and we focus on inclusiveness, transparency, and confidentiality throughout the

Our reputation is built on the following:

  • TCG is widely recognized for its purposeful, personal attention to all phases of the search
  • TCG customizes its process to meet the district’s unique needs.
  • TCG is known for delivering strong, reliable communication throughout the process.
  • TCG’s extensive network of partners in the state and national level offers unparalleled access
    to qualified candidates.
  • TCG offers an online survey in English and Spanish to augment the stakeholder input collected
    in the extensive personal meetings.
  • TCG focuses on seeking candidates that meet the district needs, not placing an in-house
  • TCG’s fee is competitive and all-inclusive.

We make the following guarantees in all of our searches:

  • TCG guarantees comprehensive disclosure of all applicants.
  • TCG guarantees the superintendent selection for two years; if the new superintendent leaves
    within two years for any reason, a second search will be conducted for expenses only.
  • TCG guarantees the placement will not be recruited for other TCG positions at any time
  • TCG guarantees its commitment to the district until a suitable candidate is appointed.

TCG’s inclusive approach, reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible, promotes a sense of really being heard and instills confidence in the search process. The fact that our search consultants will devote all of their time to one district lets a Board know that we are available at all times. Our extensive reference-checking process lets a Board know that all candidates have been thoroughly vetted. Given
our search process, and our commitment to learn as much as possible about a district’s needs, it is not surprising that about 95% of superintendents placed by TCG have remained in their position for more than five years.

TCG’s approach to superintendent searches also applies to our other executive searches, including
assistant superintendents and other district leaders.