1. The first step if you are called for an interview is to prepare for it.

We provided that information in our Superintendent Seminar.  However, if you need help with this your coach will provide pertinent information on how to prepare for it.

  1. First Impression is BIG – so your attire is very important.  Your TCG coach will give you suggestions on wearing the right clothing and accessories.
  1. The coach will also give you some suggestions on the following:
  • How to enter the room
  • What to do with your hands
  • Eye contact
  • How to end the interview
  • How to follow-up on an interview
  • Checking your FB page
  • Making sure you answer the questions asked
  • Some silent tips to quickly put together a complete answer – for those questions that have two or three parts to it.

The most important part of this seminar is experiencing  an impromptu interview with your coach.  Your coach will ask some of the typical questions asked during an interview along with some that may be typical for the district that has asked you to interview. The greatest part of this experience is that all TCG coaches have done searches for superintendent positions.  They know questions that are asked and what kind of answers Boards want to hear. The powerful learning of this experience is for the coach to give you immediate feedback. You will also receive a list of interview questions for you to practice answering them and this experience will boost your confidence them before the interview.

The session for this mini-seminar will be a total 2-4 hours and it may be one or two sessions.

The fee is $225 payable before the first sessions.


  1. If you would like one of TCG’s executive search professionals to review your resume and application letter for your next job, please choose an expert from the list. All of these experts have served as a district superintendent and served on countless interview panels. Therefore any one of these executive professionals can review your resume and provide feedback, suggestions, and successful tips so that you land an interview for the job you want. you will have direct one-to-one consultation with feedback to create an eye-catching resume to those who are paper screening. Just know that those who are paper screening, they are going through a pile of application packets. Your resume has to pop out and get their attention right away! After a quick review of your paperwork, which needs to include all the requirements listed in the job posting, the message needs to scream out, “Interview me! I am the right fit for the job!”

    One of TCG’s executive search professional will personally review your resume for its quality and effectiveness based on the following standards:

    Overall appeal and appropriateness of layout
    Effective presentation and sequencing
    Well-chosen headings and sections
    Carefully chosen and curated content
    Correct grammar, language usage and spelling and a variety of action verbs
    Consistent formatting throughout
    Evidence of effort to customize content for target position
    Highlights relevant experience and achievements
    Clearly conveys capacity to do the job
    The power of the conversation and feedback from an expert, one who has walked in those superintendent shoes, will be a great resource for you. It may be just the wording and phrases used in the conversation or what they share with you as to WHY they recommend certain things to be included or not in your application packet.

    FEE: The consultation will be a 45 minute meeting remotely on designing your winning resume that lands you an interview (although there are no guarantees.) The fee is submitted before the consultation.
    FEE Amount: $80.00