Our District Services

Board Effectiveness

A process designed to reveal the key elements to good boardmanship, and to identify the major stumbling blocks. A completed questionnaire will answer the question, "Do we have an effective Board?"

Superintendent Evaluation

A process designed to assist Boards and Superintendents in developing and implementing a plan and procedures for the annual goal setting and evaluation of the Superintendent.

Superintendent's Contract

A process designed to assist Boards in the development of performance-based contracts for the superintendent and cabinet level positions that will provide long-term essential service to the district.

Trust Building

A process designed to ascertain your current organizational trust level. Identify strategies to improve trust and communication and generate solutions to local problems within the group.

School Surveys

A process designed to offer research-based surveys for administrators, certified staff, support staff, students and parents to help each school better understand its work. The surveys provide focus for strategies, planning efforts and assessment of performance factors.

District Performance Assessment

A process designed to offer support and processes for districts interested in collecting performance feedback from those they serve.

Training and/or Mentoring

A process designed to teach and mentor existing superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals and other middle management/leadership positions.

Leadership Development

A process designed to examine the art and science of leadership. Reveal how you relate and interact with others, how to influence and change behavior, and how to develop a team approach.

Reclassification Study

A process designed to assist districts in determining the validity of performance within job descriptions and the development of corollary benchmarks for compensation.

Management Awareness

A process designed to assess one's relationship with other individuals and groups. Learn to identify and analyze problems as they relate to people and situations, and develop a meaningful approach for decision making that results in realistic procedures and concepts.

Communication and Time Control

A process designed to understand the importance of communication and the use of time. Recognize the practices which utilize time most effectively, implement a personal procedure for controlling one's own communication and time, and develop a plan of action to become a more effective manager of communication and time.

Workshop for Superintendent Secretaries/Administrative Assistants

A workshop designed to refine skills as a liaison, coordinator and planner, and deliver outstanding performance in a key district role.