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Los Nietos Unified School District


The Board of Education seeks a long-term relationship with an exceptional and collegial educational leader who can maintain and build on the District’s strengths and potential as their

The District and Community

The Los Nietos School District has served students longer than any other school district in California.  Chartered on August 12, 1861, the school District serves a portion of the Whittier City community.  The district has a dedicated employee base with many of the staff members themselves former students.  It is the dedicated staff that ensures every student is provided a quality education and is a reason parents keep students in their home district.  Teachers and classified staff are supported by a committed and responsive administrative team who are recognized for their immediate response to concerns and issues as they arise and for providing needed resources.  By working together, the district has created a family-oriented environment and an institution organization that the community has come to depend upon.

Board members are engaged as policy makers and firmly believe that the district’s family and community focus is the result of working together in times of need.  Despite the fiscal challenges presented over the years, the district has demonstrated fiscal prudency and was able to modernize all its schools.   

The Los Nietos Community is nestled in West Whittier, California.  The community is growing and has increased by 25% over the last four years.  Currently 87% of the population are of Hispanic ethnicity.  The district has also developed strong ties to local businesses and community organizations.  Two large companies engage in a partnership to support school programs and students.  There is a mutually beneficial partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Rio Hondo College, the Los Nietos Library, and the Los Nietos Community Center.  The district has a seamless partnership with the Whittier Union High School District where its students matriculate after completing eighth grade.

Los Nietos School District has three elementary schools and one middle school.  The four schools enrolled 1191 students in the 2020/2021 school year.  The district’s income/revenue is based on its Average Daily Attendance (ADA).  The budget for the 2020/2021 fiscal year totaled $24,196,748.00.  Of that money, unrestricted general use accounted for $16,560,323.00, restricted funds totaled $7,636,425.00.  In that year, the per student allocation was $16,808.00.  The district per student average was 112% of the state-wide average $14,998.00 per student.

Of the students who were enrolled in the district, 96% were of Hispanic ethnicity and the 4% were White, Black, and Asian students.  Special Education students comprised 16% of the population, 84.6% qualified for free and reduced lunch, and English Learners comprised 23.4% of the student body.  

Vision Statement 

The Los Nietos School District values building its community through education to ensure students are prepared academically and socially for future success.

Mission Statement

The Los Nietos School District’s learning community provides:

Engaging educational opportunities and
Equitable resources so that all students experience
Excellence in learning every day!

Core Values

Student Achievement
We believe that given appropriate and targeted instruction, support, and resources, all students will be successful.

We believe respectful communication and collaboration among our learning community is essential to the success of all students.

Fiscal Responsibility
We believe that financial decisions should be based on sound financial planning for today and tomorrow.

Learning Environment
We believe in providing a safe, nurturing, and academically productive environment.


District Goals

The District priorities are reflected in the District’s LCAP and aligned with those established by the State of California.


District Recognitions 

 The Los Nietos School District has received numerous recognitions for gains made in raising student achievement and for employing some of the top leaders in the Southern California Area.  Three of its four schools, Ada S. Nelson Elementary, Rancho Santa Gertrude Elementary, and Los Nietos Middle School have earned Distinguished Schools Status.  Los Nietos Middle School Principal Shannon Brann-Zelaya was 

named Woman of the Year by State Senator Bob Archuleta and Assemblyperson Ian Calderon in 2020.  In 2021, Aeolian teacher, Hanh Bui, was recognized by Assemblyperson Lisa Calderon as Woman of the Year.  

District Strengths, Needs/Critical Issues, and the Characteristics Desired in a New Superintendent

Board members, parents, certificated and classified staff, and community members participated in a process to identify the strengths and needs/critical issues of the Los Nietos School District and the characteristics desired in their new Superintendent. An extensive number of stakeholders participated in this process through meetings and online survey. The Board of Education prioritized those elements as follows:

Strengths of the District

  • Students first
  • Inclusivity
  • Nurturing and compassionate culture and sensitive to community needs
  • Caring and devoted teachers provide an educational environment

where students are challenged and supported in the classroom

  • Proactive and dedicated support staff who provide for student needs
  • Everyone works together, especially in times of need
  • A fiscally prudent district
  • Updated and current facilities for students
  • Cohesive, caring, and compassionate administrators, teachers, and staff who engage with parents and address their concerns or needs
  • Family-oriented environment focused on providing a high-quality educational experience for every student
  • Technology rich, one-on-one computers for each student at home and at school
  • After school programs
  • Committed parents who place a high value on their children’s education and support fund-raising efforts
  • Multi-generational families

Greatest Needs/Critical Issues Facing the District

  • Make student learning and development a high priority, explore all opportunities and resources on behalf of students and parents to enhance student learning
  • Deepen communication within the district office, school sites, parents, and the Board of Education
  • Hire and retain the highest quality teachers
  • Allocate time for teacher collaboration and reflection in order to implement programs with fidelity and effectively
  • Increase parent involvement
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities of each department
  • Increase and expand student participation in community events such as local parades and other similar events
  • Provide financial support and staffing to all elementary schools to offer Music program, and expand their after school programs to include Dance, the Arts, and Sports
  • Implement research-based best practices in all classrooms and monitor student progress, offer academic support for academically challenged and Special Education students, provide training for staff and parents
  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Address declining enrollment to ensure financial solvency of the district
  • Develop a strategic plan to address the English Learners’ needs

Desired Characteristics of the New Superintendent

A leader who:

  • Is a strong, transformative instructional leader with the knowledge of 21st Century cutting edge research and principal experience
  • Communicates effectively, is a good listener, has integrity and is transparent
  • A visionary leader who thinks “outside the box”
  • Is understanding, empathetic, trustworthy, and delivers a clear and consistent message to the staff and community
  • Makes a long-term commitment to the district, is empathetic, and trustworthy
  • Will be an effective governance team member, a strategic thinker, and a great communicator who will keep the Governing Board apprised of all pertinent issues and concerns in a timely manner
  • Is collaborative, values teamwork, builds relationships with staff and parents, is accessible, and responsive to the site and  community needs on all issues and concerns 
  • Has strong leadership and management skills to work with; will develop and evaluate personnel and programs to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Is community-minded, is visible in school and community events and actively participates in community organizations
  • Is inclusive, values diversity, and celebrates all groups
  • Has a strong background in district finance and is knowledgeable

of Special Education requirements, laws, and instructional programs

The Selection and Application Process

Dr. Hasmik Danielian and Dr. Frederick Navarro of The Cosca Group (TCG) have been retained by the Los Nietos School District Board of Education for the search, recruitment, screening, and selection process for the new Superintendent of Schools.

Interested applicants must submit all the following to be received by The Cosca Group on or before on September 23, 2022:

  • Completed Application Form (as provided herein)
  • Personal Letter of Application
  • Resume including record of professional education and professional experiences
  • Letters from five professional references (three of which must be current and within the last year)

Candidates should not contact members of the Los Nietos School District Board of Education. During the screening process, reference checks will be made with those familiar with candidates’ professional performance. Board members will visit the district and community of the final candidate.

Please complete the application and submit all required documents online
All materials must be received by the deadline of 4:00 p.m., September 23, 2022.

Contract Terms

The successful candidate will be offered a multi-year contract with a competitive and negotiable salary based on qualifications and experience.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Hasmik Danielian (818)641-8989

Dr. Frederick Navarro (562) 896-0221

For your application to be considered complete you must download, fill out, and send the application and following documents.

  • Completed Application Form (as provided herein)
  • Personal Letter of Application
  • Resume including record of professional education and professional experiences
  • Letters from five professional references (three of which must be current, within the past 12 months)


Send to completed application and documents to

Dr. Hasmik Danielian (818) 641-8989 /
Dr. Frederick Navarro (310) 350-0896 /